What is Hypnosis?


In my earlier blog Understanding Mind, we have discussed about our mind in details. I hope you have read it. If not, I would request to go through the above blog to have good understanding about our mind. A Quick Recap We can classify our mind into two categories: Conscious Mind It is normally 5 - 10% of the total mind and is responsible of thinking, analyses, logic etc. Sub - Conscious Mind It is normally 90 - 95% of the size and contains all our emotions, feeling, habits, values, fears etc. Before understanding Hypnosis, we need to understand two normal states [...]

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Understanding Mind


To Understand Mind, we can broadly categorize it into two main faculties’ viz.: Conscious Mind Sub-Conscious Mind. It is also known as Unconscious Mind. Both have different functions. Conscious Mind The Conscious Mind is believed to be of around 5 – 10% size of our mind. It is logical and analytical. It helps us to review, analyze and take decisions which are good for us. It is connected to the sense organs and gets data from them. What we see from our eyes; or what we hear from our ears; or what we taste from our tongue; or what we feel [...]

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Overcome ANXIETY


Though Anxiety is one of the biggest challenges today; but with my direct experience and through my various clients as a Counselor; I can say for sure that it is very much possible to overcome Anxiety without any medication. I invite you to go through the blog. The Common Man’s Understanding about Anxiety Anxiety is a feeling of nervousness or worry or fear or any other type of uneasiness that we experience when we have to take a decision. Why? Because we have to take the decision in present and its correctness will only be validated in the future. Since we [...]

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Role of Personality Types for Happy Marriage


MARRIAGE is a commitment that two people make to stay together till “Death Do Us Part”. Marriage is a communion of not only two people but two personalities. Their Behavior depends on their personality types. A healthy interaction between couples makes Marriage a Happy & Fulfilling experience. To have a HAPPY MARRIED LIFE; to make your interactions healthy with your partner; the first & foremost is to know about your own Personality Type; which guides your behavior. Your likes & dislikes depend on your personality type; which may or may not be same as of your partner. In this blog; we [...]

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Meditation and its benefits


“Meditation & Its Benefits” is a blog that I am writing based on the learning from my Masters and my meditation experience of over 13 years. In 2005, I was blessed to be accepted as a disciple by my Masters at OshoDhara.  OshoDhara is a live mystery school nurtured by a trinity of enlightened masters (Sadguru Trivir) following the teachings of OSHO. OSHO has narrated a beautiful story. I would like to start with that. Story of breaking the Coconut The Question Once upon a time, there was a person who met a Saint. The person asked the Saint, “How is [...]

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With my experience of Spirituality, Psychology, Hypnotherapy & Counseling; I personally feel that Spiritual Counseling is a Step Ahead of Psychological Counseling. Spiritual Counseling is comparatively more effective and powerful, hence I thought of sharing my ideas with the intention that more and more people should become Successful, Healthy and Happy and have Cordial Relations in their life. These are purely my views and have no intention to hurt anyone sentiments. This blog covers the following three dimensions: Why & when do we need counseling? The Psychological Perspective. Spiritual Perspective. Why & When do we need Counseling? As we enter into our [...]

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"Happiness is the glue of Unity" is the output of my analysis of the strained relationships; that I see as a counselor daily. I would like to start with a small story (Unity is Strength) that our granny had told us when we were small. The Story told by Granny Once upon a time in a village there lived a farmer who had four sons. They were always quarreling with one another. The farmer tried his level best to bring them on the right path. But they never listened to the farmer and ignored his advice. So the farmer was very [...]

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Science Behind Diwali Rituals


Many-many happy wishes to you on Diwali and all the festivals associated with it. In India, during this Diwali period, the festivity & celebration are at the peak. The life is full of joy, thrill & happiness. As we all know, many rituals are attached with these series of festivals which are followed with lot of devotion, dedication and trust. An Intellectual Question Sometimes back, someone has sent a message on WhatsApp group that how come buying utensils or gold & silver ornaments, on a festival two days before Diwali (Called Dhanteras) can make us rich. On the contrary, to buy [...]

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Vicious Circle of Unhappiness


Why to understand VICIOUS CIRCLE OF UNHAPPINESS, when we want happiness? The very first question that might come to your mind is that we want happiness in our life then why to understand the vicious circle of unhappiness? Let us try to understand from an example. We all want to be healthy, but is there anything that can DIRECTLY be done for Health? The answer is NO. Because we are born healthy and there are reasons that make us unhealthy or sick. We can take actions to remove or cure illness and once it is cured, we become healthy automatically. Similarly, [...]

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Why Meditation is important for Success and Happiness?


Though Meditation is important for Success and Happiness in life, it unfortunately has lost its significance with the passage of time. If unhappiness, stress, anxiety, depression, suicides etc. are increasing in the world, one of the major reasons I feel, is the reducing popularity of meditation. I have over 25 years of professional experience at Senior Management Positions and around 12 years of meditation experience under the guidance of Osho. I have experienced both the phases in my life i.e. before I learnt meditation and after that and I see a noticeable contrast. Whatever I have learnt & experience, I shall be [...]

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