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We offer the following courses:


Conscious Mind: This is around 5% – 10% of our total mind. This is logical mind and helps to choose what is right for me and what is not right for me. All logic, analysis, thoughts etc. are function of this mind.

Sub-Conscious Mind: This is around 90% – 95% of our mind. This is the storehouse of all our memories. Whatever we learn gets stores in this mind. All our habits, conditioning , values, fears, feeling, experiences etc. gets stored in this mind.

Our behavior is a byproduct of logic from the conscious mind and feelings and past experiences from the subconscious mind. Many times there is difference between the two which gives rise to various problems known as psychosomatic diseases. Doctors say that around 90% of the diseases are psychosomatic. That means they are generated from mind and are manifested on the body.

What is Hypnosis

 The memories of the past cannot be removed however their ill effects can be eliminated. Since these past memories are in subconscious mind, therefore we need to access the subconscious mind and reprogram it to eliminate the ill effect of those memories. These memories may be of the past of this life or of past lives. The process of accessing the subconscious mind is known as Hypnosis.

Two types of hypnosis: The subconscious mind can be accessed and programmed either by self or by other. Accordingly, there are two type of hypnosis viz Self Hypnosis and Hypnosis by others. When the hypnosis is used for clinical purpose, it is known as Clinical
Application: The application of hypnotherapy is enormous. However, the list below gives some of the areas where it can be applicable. After doing this course one can understand that there are many more areas where hypnotherapy is useful.

  • INDUCE POSITIVE CHANGES IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR – Self development, Presentation in Public and at Stage.

  • PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT – Confidence Building, Sports, Stage, Sales, Management, Anxiety, Memory Improvement, Problem Solving, Career direction, Sexual Behavior, Motivation, Stress Management, Guilt Release

  • HABIT CORRECTION – Smoking, Thumb Sucking, Bed Wetting, Nail Biting, Study Habit, Drugs & Alcohol, Eating Disorders, Crisis Handling, Frustration and Conflict handling

  • PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH – Weight Control, Mental Hygiene, Aggression

  • BREAK-UP AND DEATH ISSUES – Feeling shattered due to Break up in love relationship or Death of close relative.

  • MARITAL AND INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS – Husband – Wife Interpersonal relationship, Adjustment issues, Sexual Dysfunction, Frigidity, Child – Parent Relationship, Boss – Subordinate Relationship.

  • PAIN MANAGEMENT – Headache, Backache, Painless Surgery, Painless Delivery

  • CLINICAL/ THERAPEUTIC – Chronic Diseases, Cancer, Depression, Low and High Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, AIDS, Angina Pectoris, Arthritic Pains, Asthma and many other diseases.

  • PSYCHONEUROSIS ISSUES – Insomnia, Nervous Pains

  • TRAUMA, FEAR AND PHOBIA MANAGEMENT Trauma – Rape, Accident, Death of close relative Fear–Fear of death, fear of failure, unknown, Examination fear, Fear of lizard, cockroach, dogs etc. Hydrophobia (Phobia of water), Phobia of Height etc.



 The duration of the course is 6 months which includes Classroom Teaching/ Practicum, Self learning from study material and Conducting Hypnotherapy Sessions independently.
 The students are provided with study material of more than 700 pages.
 The classroom teaching is provided for 100 Hours. These classroom teachings are conducted in various modes like full day sessions of 12 days, part time sessions and weekend sessions. The students can choose and enroll as per their convenience.
 The classroom session includes theoretical explanation, practical demonstration and practice sessions. Since we know that “Picture is the language of Mind” therefore the entire theoretical explanation shall be done through Power Point Presentation. The pictures will facilitate deeper and better understanding of the concepts.
 Debriefing is provided after each practice or demo session for clarification and consolidation of the concepts and the processes.
 After completing the classroom teaching, students shall undergo an examination. The Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy shall be issued to the successful students.
 Ever after getting the Certificate, in case students wish to repeat the classroom teaching, no extra fees shall be charged. However, very nominal logistic expenses shall be applicable.

 After completing the classroom teaching, students have to conduct 10 hypnotherapy sessions independently and submit the case reports. Expert guidance and mentorship shall be available to the students for the same.
 The case reports shall be evaluated by the panel of experts and on their  recommendation and on deposition of the diploma fee, the DIPLOMA IN CLINICAL HYPONTHERAPY shall be issued from Indian Hypnosis Academy.
 The students are helped to prepare a plan of action after the training.

 Study material of more than 700 Pages (Size A4) in simple English including Six Course Manuals,
 A pen drive containing e-books, hypnotic music, scripts and spirals.
 Audio Hypnosis Experimental Samples
 Hypnosis Awareness Video
 Reading manual with self practice guidelines
 Self practice supervision guidelines
 Hypnotic Conditions and planning

 The Diploma course has the following accreditations:
– American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (US)
– International Hypnosis Federation US
– General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK)
– Faculty of Management Sciences London
– Australian Hypnosis Association
– Indian Board of Alternative Medicines

 Anyone above the age of 18 years and above, preferably graduate or senior secondary with good communication skills.

 The classes are conducted both in English and Hindi language. However, the study material is provided only in English.



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