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Spoken English-International Language

English is spoken in maximum countries worldwide and it has become the topmost business language of the world. There are people who are masters in their subject but lack confidence because they are not fluent in English language. This program is designed to enhance the fluency of the spoken English.

Interview Skills

Within a few minutes, you have to present yourself to the interviewer. Your skills, your knowledge, your personality, your career goals and many things for which you need to feel at ease and confident during the interview. This training is designed for the college students how to present themselves confidently and remain at ease during the interview.

Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking is not only on stage but in the conference rooms also in front of the management where you, as a project head or marketing head, have to make the presentation of your ideas on areas of responsibility. This also requires Public Speaking Skills. This training help you to develop & polish your public speaking skills, both in meetings as well as on stage and addressing large audience.

Select the Right Career

A right career is the one which is in line with your personality type, interests, abilities, values and skills. This training will help you to know about yourself and empower you to select the best career.

Learning, Memorizing & Recalling skills

You have to study in college and after college too for keeping you updated of the latest knowledge in your professional area. This training will help you to develop the skills to understand, learning, memorizing and recalling skills with confidence to help you excel in your college studies as well as after college also.

Time Management

Time is the precious resource which is gifted equally to everyone by nature. Investing right amount of time on right activities will make your life successful & happy. This training will help you to learn the art of Prioritization and investing time wisely taking you to a path of success & happiness.

Develop Positive Habits

New habits can be developed and bad habits can be changed to good habits. Good habits takes you to the heights to success & happiness. This training is specifically designed to help you to develop positive habits and become successful & happy.

Work Life balance

Soon after the college life,you will develop your personal family life as well as your professional corporate life. Your success depends on striking the right balance among the two. This training will help you to stick the right balance to reap exponential benefits of success & happiness.

Know yourself

Nature has made you a unique person. This training helps you to identify your uniqueness and accordingly choose the right path towards success, relationship and happiness.

Success Reinforced

From birth to college, you have been struggling very hard to become successful in life. You have achieved various skills & knowledge and a few still needs to be acquired or polished. Now you are about to enter into the practical world. This training will help you to identify your areas of improvement and will specifically focus on that so that when you go to the practical life, you run on the path of success & happiness.

Pamper Yourself

You are the most precious creation of the nature. The key to happiness in life is to love yourself which starts from pampering. This training will help you to pamper yourself so that happiness remains in your life forever. Only a happy person can become successful.

Taking Initiatives

Taking initiatives means having the attitude to act or take charge before others do. This is one of the essential skills that takes you to success. This training will help you to develop this attitude so that you become successful.

The Right Paradigm

If we can see things in their right perspective, nothing can make us unhappy. This training will help you to clear your lens before you see the world thereby helping you to remain happy in your life and make cordial relations & become successful.

Problem Solving Strategies

Problems are not stop signs, they are the guideline. This training shall help you to change your perspective from viewing situations as problems to view them as opportunities for growth. It will also help you to develop the skills to come out of them.

Communication Skills

Communication connects us with others. Listen with passion and speak with compassion is the key to healthy communication. This training will help you to polish your verbal & non verbal communication skills thereby helping you to improve your relations with family, friends and at workplace.

Leadership Skills

Knowing the way, going the way and showing the way make you an effective leader. This training will help to polish your leadership skills together with maintaining your happiness & motivation.

Conflict Management

Difference of opinion create conflicts. If you view them as contradictory, it is bound to spoil the relationships. If you view them as complementary, it will enhance success & happiness in life. This training will help you to handle differences in complementary manner to take you on the path of success & happiness.

Stress Management

Stress is our response to external happenings. External happenings are not in our control but we can surely improve the way we respond. Stress increases our learning, makes us more mature & prepares us to face bigger challenges in future. This training will help you to understand and distress.

Anxiety & Depression Management

Anxiety & depression are the biggest challenges of today. This training will help you to understand the reasons and the techniques to get rid of them, leading a life full of success & Happiness.

Anger Management

Manifestation of unpleasantness is Anger. If the unpleasantness is not manifested it produces psychosomatic disease and if manifested, spoils relations. This training will help you to learn the techniques to manifest the unpleasantness in a manner that does not spoil the relations and saves you from psychosomatic diseases.

Power of Positive Thinking

We can COMPLAIN because rose bushes have thorns, or REJOICE because thorns have roses. Your thoughts become your achievements. This training will help you to make your thinking more and more positive to attract success & happiness in your life.

Believe to conceive to achieve

If you believe what you conceive, you can surely achieve. This training will take you through the process and help you to get rid or any negative feelings or fears which weakens your belief and reduces the probability of achieve.

It is possible to be happy ALWAYS

If your happiness is dependent on external factors, then it will not remain “ALWAYS”. There is another happiness which we all have experienced as a child. We were fully dependent on elders but still were happy. Our happiness was without a reason. This training will help you to once again experience that happiness that is not dependent on any external factors and that happiness will remain ALWAYS.

Meditation for Success, Health & Happiness

Meditation is an art of switching off your mind without intoxication. Once you learn this art you will be away from stress, anxiety & depressing and your life will be full of success, health & happiness.

Social Skills

After the college, your interaction with people will increase and your success depends on how effectively you deal with them. This training will help you to polish your social skills so that your interactions with others become effective leading you to success & happiness .

Life Skills

Life skills are the abilities for adaptive and positive behavior to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. This training will help you to develop necessary life skills to take you on the path of success and happiness.

Confidence Building

Confidence helps you to win the battle even before you have started it. This training helps you to build confidence and then you can excel in whatever you do in your life.

Taking the Right Decisions

The future will validate if it was a right decision. You can only make your decision right. This training will help you to take decisions and make them right.

Implement Decisions With conviction

Decisions followed by Right Action leads to SUCCESS; else Depression. This training shall take you through the process of implementing the decision within the right time frame leading you to a life full of success & happiness.



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