What is Hypnosis?


In my earlier blog Understanding Mind, we have discussed about our mind in details. I hope you have read it. If not, I would request to go through the above blog to have good understanding about our mind. A Quick Recap We can classify our mind into two categories: Conscious Mind It is normally 5 - 10% of the total mind and is responsible of thinking, analyses, logic etc. Sub - Conscious Mind It is normally 90 - 95% of the size and contains all our emotions, feeling, habits, values, fears etc. Before understanding Hypnosis, we need to understand two normal states [...]

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Understanding Mind


To Understand Mind, we can broadly categorize it into two main faculties’ viz.: Conscious Mind Sub-Conscious Mind. It is also known as Unconscious Mind. Both have different functions. Conscious Mind The Conscious Mind is believed to be of around 5 – 10% size of our mind. It is logical and analytical. It helps us to review, analyze and take decisions which are good for us. It is connected to the sense organs and gets data from them. What we see from our eyes; or what we hear from our ears; or what we taste from our tongue; or what we feel [...]

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