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Depression Counselling

Best Depression Counsellor Dr. Pankaj Gupta (TV & Radio Personality) at Conquer The Success understands your emotional needs and help you to come out of depression and lead a happy & successful life.

Time: Everyday 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM

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Symptoms of Depression

  • Feeling sad, low self-esteem, isolation, low self-confidence over more than 2 weeks.
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in activities you enjoyed earlier.
  • Changes in appetite — weight loss or gain unrelated to dieting
  • Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
  • Loss of energy or increased fatigue or feeling tired.
  • Increase in purposeless physical activity (e.g., inability to sit still, pacing, handwringing) or slowed movements or speech (these actions must be severe enough to be observable by others)
  • Feeling worthless or guilty
  • Difficulty thinking, concentrating or making decisions
  • Thoughts of death or suicide
  • Negative thoughts.

Best Psychologist Dr. Pankaj Gupta (TV & Radio Personality) at Conquer The Success through helps you to come out of depression  and restore happiness in your life; through counselling, mind therapy, hypnotherapy, meditative therapy, past life regression therapy or life between lives therapy.

Best Depression Counsellor in Gurgaon

What is Depression?

Depression is a condition in which a person feels discouraged, sad, hopeless, unmotivated, or disinterested in life for more than two weeks and when the feelings interfere with daily activities.

Major depression is a treatable illness that affects the way a person thinks, feels, behaves.

Besides medication; psychotherapy is helpful in curing depression.

Causes of Depression

  • Trauma – Physical abuse, sexual abuse, accident or any other painful experience of the past that still haunts in the present.
  • Prolonged sadness or grief either from death of loved one or break-up or divorce.
  • Feeling helpless in situations like your loved one is suffering from a terminal illness and the doctors have forecasted the duration of his life.
  • Loss of job or financial losses when you feel that there is no chance of recovering the losses.
  • Failure in exams that gives a feeling that my career is totally affected. For example, a child always wanted to be an engineer but he scores so less marks in class X that he cannot get science.
  • Demise of the only earning member of the family. The family may enter into depression as they have no other source or income or saving to take care of their expenses.

Depression is different than sadness or grief

Sadness or grief is not Depression till it lasts for 2 weeks.

Feeling sad or in grief on the death of a loved one, loss of a job or the ending of a relationship is very normal and natural. At times, people get confused and even in these situations describe themselves as being depressed.

The confusion is because grief and depression both have some common features like withdrawal from usual activities.

Difference Between Grief and Depression

  • In grief, painful feelings come in waves, often intermixed with positive memories of the deceased. In major depression, mood and/or interest (pleasure) are decreased for most of two weeks.
  • Self-esteem is usually maintained in grief but in major depression, feelings of worthlessness and self-loathing are common.
  • Thoughts of death may surface when thinking of or fantasizing about “joining” the deceased loved one in grief, whereas in major depression, thoughts are focused on ending one’s life due to feeling worthless or undeserving of living or being unable to cope with the pain of depression.

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Best Counsellor in Gurgaon Dr. Pankaj Gupta

Dr. Pankaj Gupta (TV & Radio Personality)

Best Anxiety Counsellor in Gurgaon Dr. Pankaj Gupta provides Anxiety Counselling and help you to come out of your confusions, take the right decision in life and come out of Anxiety.

Best Psychologist in Gurgaon Dr. Pankaj Gupta guarantees you unconditional happiness thorough Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Mind Therapy, Meditation Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy , Life between lives therapy.

Best Counsellor in Gurgaon Dr. Pankaj Gupta has nearly 3 decades of experience and provide face to face counselling as well as online counselling across India and abroad.

Best Counsellor Dr. Pankaj Gupta regularly comes on Television and Radio Programs. He discusses on child parent relationshipcouple relationshipcareer counselling and many more.

Why we are the Best Psychologist & Counsellor in Gurgaon

At Conquer The Success, counsellor Dr. Pankaj Gupta is your best friend. He listens you with empathy, confidentiality & without judging you. You can open your heart to him and he helps you double your joy, divide your grief and take you from unhappiness to happiness.

Conquer The Success has a high Customer Rating on GoogleWe feel honored in having over 135 customer reviews with a rating of 4.8 on 5.  It proves that our customers are restoring happiness. Undoubtedly, we are the best counsellor in Gurgaon.

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Best Counsellor in Gurgaon Dr. Pankaj Gupta

FAQ on Depression Counselling

1. Is online Depression counselling effective?

It is equally effective as a counsellor does not have to touch his patient for taking body temperature or pulse rate etc. Counselling is a talk therapy and with the development in mobile & telecommunication technology, you can get the counselling in the comfort of your own home and as per your time convenience.

Best Counsellor in Gurgaon Dr Pankaj Gupta has counselled thousands of clients online. He has clients across India and many other countries like USA, UK, Dubai, Canada, Australia, China, Italy etc.

2. Which online counselling is effective: Telephonic or Video Call.

Both are effective. However, online counselling on video call is more effective as client and counsellor can see each other.

3. I am working and only available on weekends or after office hours. How can I take relationship counselling?

Best Panic Attack Counsellor in Gurgaon, Dr Pankaj Gupta works all 7 days from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. So, you can take an appointment (online video call or face to face) at your convenience.

4. I feel hesitant in sharing my personal stuff with anyone as I fear that I might be judged?

You should feel free to talk to the Best Counsellor in Gurgaon, Dr. Pankaj Gupta. He is your best friend. He listens to you with empathy, confidentiality & without judging you. You can open your heart to him and he helps you double your joy, divide your grief and take you from confusion to happiness & confidence.



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