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We have seen in the “Home” & “About” page that Success is very expensive today. To become Successful our health gets deteriorated, our relations get spoiled & happiness is not there in life.

The increasing Suicide Rate and falling down on the Happiness Index are the evidence to this fact.

“Conquer The Success” Training will help you to become Successful in life without compromising on Health, Happiness & Cordial Relations.

Conquer The Success Training has six modules.


  • Understand & Define Success.
  • Understand Happiness & what makes us Happy?
  • Blueprint of Success & Happiness
  • The concept of “Conquer The Success”.
  • Difference between Becoming Successful & Conquer The Success.
  • Holistic approach to Success & Happiness
  • Journey of Consciousness for success & happiness.
  • Difference between Happiness & Bliss
  • Time Management Skills

The first step towards Success & Happiness is to take the right decision which means making the best choices out of all the available choices. The problem with making the choice is that once we make the choice, all other options close for us and that creates a fear of choosing. This module covers

  • Understanding the need.
  • Collect the appropriate data
  • Techniques to take the right decision
  • Make the action plan that leads to success & happiness
  • Technique of periodic review & corrective action
  • Confidence Building
  • Attaining Perfection

Decision followed by IMPLEMENTATION leads to Success & Happiness, else DEPRESSION.

  • Why don’t we implement what we know is right.
  • Why we do things which we know are wrong.
  • Working of mind
  • How habits are formed
  • Hindrances in habit modification
  • How to form good / positive habits.
  • Techniques of habit formation & habit correction
  • Fear, Phobia and Trauma
  • Origin of Disease
  • Psychosomatic Model of diseases & treatment
  • How to handle Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  • Basics Mudras for Prevention & Cure of diseases
  • Diet Management
  • Sleeping disorders & how to get sound sleep
  • Physical Exercise
  • Fundamentals of relationship.
  • Personality Assessment & Know yourself
  • Different Personality types & their normal behavior
  • Dealing with opposite personality types
  • How people get attracted to each other
  • How love converts into hate
  • Love affairs and breakups
  • Husband – Wife Relationship
  • Child – Parent Relationship
  • Boss – Subordinate Relationship
  • Peer to Peer relationship
  • Understanding the reasons of Unhappiness
  • Desires, Expectations & Guilt
  • Anger Management
  • Understanding Greed, Attachment, Jealousy & Enmity
  • Acceptance of result
  • The need of meditation
  • Understanding meditation and meditation techniques.
  • Meditation session
  • Beyond Conquer The Success – An Introduction


  • Highly Interactive

  • Participative Approach

  • Sharing & Learning from practical life experiences

  • Theoretical explanation of the concept

  • Practical Demonstration

  • Continuous Reinforcement of concepts across the training

  • Questions & Answers

  • Feedback & Suggestions

Key Differentiators

  • Special emphasis on implementation of learning & habit formation

  • Deals with practical ground realities and day to day experiences/ concerns of the participants.

  • Trainer has in-depth knowledge of the subject as his learning are validated through his life experience of over 45 years.

  • Practical tools & techniques that helps you to implement the skills acquired during the training.

  • Result oriented approach.

  • Quick results – Highly effective in today’s fast life.


Training, normally, influence our conscious mind, which is only 5-6% of our total mind. 95% of our mind which is SUBCONSCIOUS MIND remains unaware about the learning from these Training Programs.

Therefore, what we learn in the training do not become part of our habit. Without implementation, results do not come in life therefore, the effectiveness of training is lost. Hence there is a gap between their LEARNING & HABITS.

As an experienced mind trainer & behavior therapist, trainer is well aware of the methods to influence 100% mind so that the learning of the training become habits and are also implemented, to bring Success & Happiness in life.


Working Professionals

School & College Students


Individuals & Couples


  • Training Duration is 42 hours.

  • Each module is covered in 1 day.

  • Each module is independent in itself.

  • To respect your time availability, we offer flexible programs.

  • You may choose any of the options or discuss as per your suitability.

  • The entire course shall be completed in 6 working days.
  • The timings shall be from 10 AM to 5 PM every day.
  • One module will be covered on every Saturday and/or Sunday.
  • You may opt for one module per week or 2 modules per week.
  • The total course shall be completed accordingly in 6 weeks or 3 weeks.
  • The timings shall be from 10 AM to 5 PM.
  • There shall be 1 hour class on every Saturday and Sunday.
  • You may also choose for 2 hour class on Saturday or Sunday
  • The total course shall be completed in 6 month.

We respect the value of your time. Therefore, we are open to discuss a schedule that is based on your convenience & suitability.



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