It is GOOD to be Successful; but it would really be GREAT if Health, Happiness & Cordial Relations are also there with Success. Conquer The Success is a holistic approach to help you become Successful in life and to also have Happiness, Good Health and Cordial Relations with family, friends & at workplace.

Conquer The Success helps you to achieve this through a unique combination of Counseling (Career Counseling & Psychological Counseling), Mind Therapies, Meditation & Training.

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How “Conquer The Success” is different from “Normal Success”?

If you want to become an owner of a fort or a property; there are normally two ways to do that. First is to pay its cost through money or equivalent assets; and the second is to CONQUER it and become the owner without paying any cost. Similarly, to achieve SUCCESS there are two ways:

Normal way is to become Successful and pay its cost through Health, Happiness & Relationships. We all have experienced that in the race to become Successful; our Health, Relations and Happiness get neglected; which in the long run, cast their negative image on our life. One fine day, we discover that we have become rich & Successful; but in the process:

  • we are gripped by Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Guilt and various other Physical/ Psychological / Psychosomatic illness;
  • our relations with our Parents, Spouse, Children & Colleagues have spoiled;
  • happiness, celebration & festivity is not there in life.

Conquer The Success is another and more appropriate way to become Successful; i.e. without paying any cost for Success. As a result, you not only become SUCCESSFUL in life but also enjoy happiness, good health and cordial relations.

How to Conquer The Success

You can Conquer The Success (means you can be successful together with health, happiness & cordial relations) provided you becomes an integrated personality. Integrated personality is the one who is healthy & at ease at the level of body, intellect, emotions and soul. If you are integrated within yourself; your behavior & interaction with others shall be appropriate and shall result into cordial relations with family & friends.

Conquer The Success contains all necessary ingredients, techniques & therapies that shall help you to have a Healthy Body, Sharp Intellect, Positive Emotions, Meditative Consciousness and Cordial Relations. Conquer The Success helps you to become an integrated personality and then you continually rise to the new heights of success while enjoying happiness, health and cordial relations.

We can broadly divide our consciousness into Mind and Soul. Further, mind has two components i.e. Intellect (Logic) and Emotions. This consciousness stays in the Body and we interact with the people around us.

Let us understand in brief about each of them and how Conquer The Success helps you to become healthy & at ease at all these levels.


It is that part of our consciousness which helps us to Take Decisions through the process of thinking, analysis and reasoning based on the inputs that it gathers through sense organs and past experiences. It is known as Conscious Mind or Intellect;  which is around 5 – 10% of our mind. If our conscious mind is healthy & at ease, it helps us to take the right & timely decisions resulting into a Successful life. If it is not healthy, we feel Anxiety, Stress, Tension, Lack of taking decisions, Procrastination, lack of time management, lack of confidence and so on. It can be made healthy and positive through COUNSELINGS & TRAINING. Therefore, Counseling & Training are integral part of Conquer The Success.


It is that part of our consciousness that contains our emotions, feelings, values and habits. It is a store house of all our experiences & memories of this life and all our past lives. It is also known as Sub-Conscious Mind and is around 90- 95% of our mind. Since it is very big, it drives our behavior. If our sub-conscious mind is healthy & at ease, we have positive habits; feel motivated and ready for the right action; that takes our life to the new heights of success, health, happiness and cordial relations. If it is not healthy, then we feel gripped with all sort of negative habits & feelings like Depression, Anger, Guilt, Fear, Phobia, Trauma, Suicidal tendencies, Laziness, Lethargy and so on. It can be made healthy through Mind Therapies like Suggestion Therapies, Hypnotherapy, Meditative Therapies, Past Life Regression Therapy, Life Between Lives therapy and many more. Therefore, all these Mind Therapies are also integral part of Conquer The Success.


Super Conscious

It is that part of our consciousness which is beyond mind. It is known by various names like Soul, Divine Energy, Cosmic Energy, Bio Energy, Life Energy, Aatma, Chetna and many more. It is that very pure energy due to which our body, intellect & emotions function. This differentiates a living person from a dead person. It is our true being. It is like electricity which when flows through various electrical equipment, make them functional. If electricity is not there then no electrical equipment would function. Similarly, till this super conscious is there; our body, intellect & emotions work; otherwise we are dead. Normally, we know our existence in terms of our body, thoughts & emotions. As a result we feel unhappy, depressed, fearful and various other Psychological illness.

Through Meditation (Dhyan & Samadhi) we reach to Enlightenment. Firstly, we experience our soul and then get identified with it. Once we are identified with our soul then the life is full of happiness without a reason (called Bliss or Anand), celebration & festivity in spite of all negative experiences that might be there in our life. It is this very realization of eternal bliss due to which Jesus could forgive even those who were crucifying him. Therefore, Meditation & Enlightenment programs (Dhyan & Samadhi) are also an integral part of Conquer The Success.



We are born healthy & our body has lot of self curing mechanism. Around 90% of diseases are due to our negative emotions like stress, anxiety, depression, guilt or fears. These are known as psychosomatic diseases. Once we become healthy at all the levels of our consciousness i.e. at Intellect, Emotions & Soul, our body will remain healthy. Health Management Training & therapies are also integral part of Conquer The Success.


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