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Relationships are not commodities

Are we treating our relations like commodities who are precious but have no say, no wish of their own or are we treating them with love & respect. This training will help you develop the basic skills to make cordial relations with family, friends and co-workers.

Santarash - The Art of Parenting

It is easier to build up a child than to repair an adult. The work of a parent is similar to that of a sculpture (Santarash) who chisels the extra material out with love and caring and creates a beautiful sculpture. This training will help you to learn the sculpturing art of parenting where chiseling is done with utmost love & care to create a beautiful adult.

Mere Humsafar - The Art of Happy Married Life

It is a mystery that when, how and why “I LOVE YOU” gets converted to “IT’S OVER”. This transition is very painful. This training will help you to improve your relations and become a perfect couple.

Life is an Echo Point

What we give in life, life returns back to us multi fold. Therefore we should good which is easily said than done because to give good, we need to feel good. This training will help to develop the FEEL GOOD factor in you and the techniques to give it to others to attract it multi fold in your own life.

Interdependence for Success & Happiness

We are born DEPENDENT. Success means to become INDEPENDENT and Happiness means to grow INTERDEPENDENT. Interdependence is the key to success & happiness. This training will help you to become interdependent to live a life full of success & happiness.

Happiness is Contagious

Happiness is contagious but we wait to catch it from others. If you take initiative to become a carrier of happiness yourself, your relations are bound to improve.This training will help you to become the source & a carrier of happiness so that your family, friends & co-workers become happy in your company and you enjoy cordial relations with all.

It is possible to be happy; ALWAYS

If your happiness is dependent on external factors, then it will not remain “ALWAYS”. There is another happiness which we all have experienced as a child. We were fully dependent on elders but still were happy. Our happiness was without a reason. This training will help you to once again experience that happiness that is not dependent on any external factors and that happiness will remain ALWAYS.

Don’t be judgmental

We are always in a hurry to make judgments about others and spoil the relation. We need to be little more open, little more inquisitive. This training will help you to become more inquisitive & open than judgmental. Once you develop this art, you will enjoy cordial relations with family, friends & co-workers.

Adjustment is harmful for relationships

Accommodating the foolishness of the other is adjustment. Means we are sure that the other is foolish. This becomes the reason of bad relations. This training will help you the techniques to understand the others perspective and make / improve your relations and live a happy life.

Love - The Fragrance of Life

Overflowing HAPPINESS is LOVE. When you are happy and it is overflowing, then you not only love your family & friends but also the plants, animals, rivers, rocks and everything in the universe. You become a Loving Consciousness. This training will help you understand the techniques of going a step ahead of happiness where it starts to overflow.

Different Shades of Love

Saints say that Love is God and our normal experience is that whom we love are the very reasons for our unhappiness, my series and pain.Obviously, the love we experience and the love which saints are teaching are different. This training will help you to understand different shades of love and the techniques to transform “Your Love” to the one refer to by the SAINTS.

Turnkey To Success

This is a program designed for TEENAGERS. Teenage is an age where the mother nature is preparing them for reproduction whereas parents want to prepare them to become successful in life. These two opposing forces creates confusion in the mind of a teenager; conflict among children & parents; addictions increase; center of attraction becomes friends of opposite gender and reduced focus & interest in studies.



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