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Marriage Counselling & Couple Therapy

Best Marriage Counsellor (Couple Therapist) Dr. Pankaj Gupta (TV & Radio Personality) at Conquer The Success understands your emotional needs and help you to make your marriage a loving and fulfilling experience.

Time: Everyday 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM

When do you search “Best Marriage Counsellor or Best Relationship Counsellor Near Me”

  • Having trouble with your partner. If fighting, abusing, shouting on each other has become a regular affair.
  • Not able to understand each other’s behavior; criticize each other.
  • Facing adjustment issues, interpersonal issues.
  • Not able to establish healthy communication with your partner.
  • Lack of love, thrill, sex or excitement.
  • Feeling low sex drive in you or your partner. Having erectile dysfunction or frigidity.
  • Having issues with in-laws (Mother-in-Law; Sister-in-law).
  • Trauma, fear or insecurities coming from bad past relationships that is affecting the present relationship.
  • Fear of commitment leading to avoiding marriage.
  • Your own fear and insecurities leading to over-inquisitiveness towards partner. This nature is often viewed as mistrust or bossy by your partner.
  • You are getting attracted to someone out of your relationship and you don’t want that.
  • You or your partner is having an extra-marital relationship.
  • Divorce seems to be the only option. You want to give your relationship a last try to save.

We at Conquer The Success will be happy to help you to overcome conflicts with your partner and have healthy marriage.

Best Marriage Counsellor

Contact Best Marriage Counsellor (Couple Therapist) in Gurgaon

Dr. Pankaj Gupta (TV & Radio Personality)

Best Psychologist in Gurgaon Dr. Pankaj Gupta guarantees you unconditional happiness thorough Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Mind Therapy, Meditation Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy , Life between lives therapy.

Best Counsellor in Gurgaon Dr. Pankaj Gupta has nearly 3 decades of experience and provide face to face counselling as well as online counselling across India and abroad.

Best Counsellor Dr. Pankaj Gupta regularly comes on Television and Radio Programs. He discusses on child parent relationshipcouple relationshipcareer counselling and many more.

Best Counsellor Dr. Pankaj Gupta
Best Counsellor Dr Pankaj Gupta (TV & Radio Personality)

Why we are the Best Psychologist & Counsellor in Gurgaon

At Conquer The Success, counsellor Dr. Pankaj Gupta is your best friend. He listens you with empathy, confidentiality & without judging you. You can open your heart to him and he helps you double your joy, divide your grief and take you from unhappiness to happiness.

Conquer The Success has a high Customer Rating on GoogleWe feel honored in having over 135 customer reviews with a rating of 4.8 on 5.  It proves that our customers are restoring happiness. Undoubtedly, we are the best counsellor in Gurgaon.

We at Conquer The Success also provide Pre-marriage counsellingbreakup counselling, divorce counselling, Child CounsellingCareer Counsellinganxiety counsellingpanic attack counsellingdepression counselling, spiritual counselling, mind therapy, meditative therapy, past life regression therapy, life between lives therapies

Why Relationships Spoil?

Different people behave differently in the given situation and every one feels that he is right and the other is wrong. Let us understand by an example.

If four friends are travelling in a car and someone in the other car overtakes in a very rough and dominating manner; all the four friends would behave differently.

  • One might feel that most of the drivers have no driving sense so he avoids.
  • Other might open the window and scream and show his
  • The third might think of overtaking him (competition)
  • The fourth might try to take the revenge by beating.

Why all four friends are behaving differently in the same situation?

It’s because they have different personalities.

Personality is sum total of all the experiences which person undergoes from the day since he is born till today. And since experiences are different, so is the personality.

In marriages or in relationships; both the partners behave differently in the same situation based on their personalities; and both feels that my partner is wrong.

Best Marriage Counsellor

How Best Marriage Counsellor Dr. Pankaj Gupta (TV & Radio Personality) helps in improving the relationship

One single rule for happy marriage or happy relationship is TO UNDERSTAND THE OTHER AND ACCPET THE WAY HE IS.

  1. In the first session, best counsellor Dr Pankaj Gupta talk to one or both the partners separately in a very friendly environment. He tries to understand yours and your partners perspective with compassion and without judging. The discussions are kept absolutely confidential.
  2. Assess the personality of both the partners through discussion and Psychometric Assessment Test.
  3. Through an inside out approach, help you understand your own personality as well as personality of your partner. Thereby helping you to identify your areas of improvements yourself.
  4. Discuss in details as to how both of you should interact and cope up based on your different personalities.
  5. In many cases it is observed that relationships are strained because of in-laws (Mother – in – law, Sister – in -law). We also provide a specific Counselling to improve relations with in-laws.
  6. If you have scars, fears, insecurities, trauma or any other emotional baggage it can adversely affect your relationship. They can be due to many reasons like past broken relationships (affairs or marriages, bad parenting, dysfunctional family, past traumas, physical abuse in childhood or pains in the existing relationship. Whatever the cause may be; our best Psychologist Dr. Pankaj Gupta helps you to heal them through various therapies like Counselling, Mind Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Meditative Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy and Life Between Lives Therapy.
Best Marriage Counsellor
Best In laws Counselling

Videos of Dr. Pankaj Gupta on Marriage Counselling

Respect The Differences

Extra-Marital Relations

FAQ on Marriage Counselling

1. My partner is not ready to come for counselling; what can I do to improve my relationship?

This is very common question that we get almost every day. You would be surprised to know that around 80% of the relationship cases that come for counselling; only single partner comes and still there is an improvement.

It is also our experience that once you come for counselling and demonstrate improved behavior to your partner; it also motivates your partner after some time to come for counselling.

Even if he/she does not come for counselling, not to worry at all… you take the initiative to come and improve the relationship. One who is more mature in the relationship; takes the initiative.

2. Is online relationship counselling effective?

It is equally effective as a counsellor does not have to touch his patient for taking body temperature or pulse rate etc. Counselling is a talk therapy and with the development in mobile & telecommunication technology, you can get the counselling in the comfort of your own home and as per your time convenience.

Best Counsellor in Gurgaon Dr Pankaj Gupta has counselled thousands of clients online. He has clients across India and many other countries like USA, UK, Dubai, Canada, Australia, China, Italy etc.

3. Which online counselling is effective: Telephonic or Video Call.

Both are effective. However, online counselling on video call is more effective as client and counsellor can see each other.

4. I am working and only available on weekends or after office hours. How can I take relationship counselling?

Best Marriage Counsellor in Gurgaon, Dr Pankaj Gupta works all 7 days from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. So, you can take an appointment (online video call or face to face) at your convenience.

5. I feel hesitant in sharing my personal stuff with anyone as I fear that I might be judged?

You should feel free to talk to the Best Counsellor in Gurgaon, Dr. Pankaj Gupta. He is your best friend. He listens to you with empathy, confidentiality & without judging you. You can open your heart to him and he helps you double your joy, divide your grief and take you from confusion to happiness & confidence.

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