A Complete Program of Success, Health, Happiness & Cordial Relations

By Dr Pankaj Gupta

In the race to become Successful, our Health, Relations and Happiness get neglected; which in a longer run, casts its negative image on our life.

One fine day, we discover that we have become rich & Successful; but in the process:

  • we are gripped by Stress, Anxiety or Depression which have their own negative effect on the body;
  • our relations with our spouse, children & colleagues have spoiled;
  • and we are not sure when we were really happy?

Then we spend a substantial part of our earning & savings on medical treatment & fighting the court cases; and the only satisfaction is that we can afford the best Doctors or Advocates for us.

This is a very big cost that we have to pay to become Successful.

Know More About Dr. Pankaj Gupta

By the learning of his Masters, blessings of God and implementing the learning in his life, Dr. Pankaj Gupta, has experienced that

It is possible to have Success without paying the cost of our Health, Happiness & Relations.

Accordingly Dr. Pankaj Gupta has conceptualized & designed CONQUER THE SUCCESS to share his learning & experiences with other so that more and more people can be come Successful without paying the huge cost and can live a life full of happiness, joy, health & cordial relations.

After attending Conquer The Success:

  • you shall be effective at your workplace as an Entrepreneur, Corporate Employee, Student or a Teacher.
  • and shall have good relations with colleague, spouse, parent, child, neighbor and a friend.
  • Happiness, Celebration, joy & enjoyment will become an essential ingredient in life.

Dream of Dr. Pankaj Gupta

As more and more people become Successful, happy and healthy;

  • they shall collectively make successful & growing organizations and businesses.
  • they shall make cordial & caring families.
  • they shall make happy & conducive societies.




To become Financially Independent and grow to the levels of Financial Security, Financial Freedom to having Financial Abundance in life.


We are born healthy & our body has lot of self curing mechanism. Around 90% of diseases are due to our negative emotions like stress, anxiety, depression, guilt or fears. These are known as psychosomatic diseases. Conquer The Success helps in understanding, prevention & cure of psychosomatic diseases.


We are born happy and with the passage of time, our baggage of unhappiness grows. Conquer The Success helps in identifying the reasons of unhappiness & eliminating them so that the happiness flows in life.


People behave as per their personalities & experience; which are different for everyone. When we interact with people of different personalities; difference of opinion happens which transforms into spoiled relations. Conquer The Success helps in understanding of different personality types & their behavior; psychometric assessment of your personality type and counseling the reasons of differences in the relationship.

Attend Comprehensive six days Training Workshop on CONQUER THE SUCCESS and achieve Success with Health, Happiness & Cordial Relations.

Conquer The Success Training Details…

Our Services

  • COUNSELING: Career Assessment &  Counseling, Marriage & Premarital Counseling, Child – Parent Counseling, Teenage Counseling, Academic Counseling, Workplace Counseling, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Spiritual Counseling

  • BEHAVIOR THERAPY: Psychometric Assessment, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives, Psychic Therapy, Mudra Therapy, Divine Healing & many more

  • TRAINING: Corporate, Entrepreneur, School Students, College Students, Teacher, Parents & Couples.

  • SPECIAL COURSES: Conquer The Success, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives, NLP, Meditation, Divine Healing

Our Mission

To help individuals become SUCCESSFUL without compromising on Health, Happiness & Family through Training, Counseling & Therapies so that they are efficient at their workplace and effective in their relations.

Our Commitment

Neither the life will become bed of roses nor people will start behaving as per your wish, but you can be Happy Here & Now. Your Happiness will be there irrespective of external circumstances.


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Conquer The Success Training

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College to Corporate

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I don’t have the words to adequately express the appreciation I have for  you. Thanks to the professional, compassionate caring. Do not for a minute diminish the role you  play in the peoples’ lives. You are a blessing.

Sameer Sheikh, BND Corporation

We are always thankful for the recommendation of Dr Pankaj Gupta. He became our family therapist, gained our trust and respect, and guided our family towards a path that felt safe and knowledgeable.

Nitika Gupta, RVB College

I want to say how much we appreciate Conquer The Success responding to our needs so quickly. You are very easy to work with and made the problems much easier to deal with. Should the occasion arise, I would look forward to working with you again.

Rajat Sethi

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