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We are grown up with a mission to conquer the world and become SUCCESSFUL. Win over others, come first etc. are our common terminologies with which we are grown up and are transferring the same heritage to our children too. Because of cut-throat competition and the limited available resources & opportunities, very few people are able to become successful.

In the race to become successful, we are not able to give quality time to our family & ourselves; thereby relations become strained and health gets deteriorated. Because of competition, loans repayment and other liabilities, we are gripped with anxiety, depression, fears, phobias and traumas. The crux of the matter is whether we are successful or not; Happiness, Celebration & Joyfulness has gone away from the life.

If we compare ourselves with our parents we observe that comparatively our relations with our families (with our spouse and children) have become more tensed; our health has deteriorated more; our tensions, anxiety, depression and fears have grown more. We are less happy then our parents when they were of our age.

It is not very difficult to conclude that if no corrective measures are taken, life of our children is going to be more and more stressed. Our children are under more stress and tension as compared to us, when we were of their age.

This can be substantiated by the following two data:

  1.  As per World Happiness Index 2018, released by UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, India was ranked 133rd among 156 countries of the world. The report also says that India, the World’s Largest democracy’s rank fell down to 133rd position from 122nd last year.
  2.  As per WHO report,
    • 12% of the suicides in India are by students.
    • 39% of the suicides are because of family problems.
    • In last three decades, the suicide rate in India has grown up by 43%.
    •  71% of suicides in India are below the age of 44 years and 37.8% suicides are by those below the age of 30 years.

These are the reported figures. The unreported suicides and suicide attempts will obviously be much higher.

If the success is achieved at the cost of happiness, bad health or spoiled relations, the success is very expensive. We would neither want this success for us nor for our children.

CONQUER THE SUCCESS is a step ahead of BECOMING SUCCESSFUL. It means that we have to become SUCCESSFUL without paying the cost of happiness, health and relations.

CONQUER THE SUCCESS is a CONCEPT of becoming SUCCESSFUL together with Healthy Body, Sharp Intellect, Positive Emotions, Good Habits, Meditative Consciousness and Cordial Relations with family, friends & colleagues.

These shall be covered through TRAININGS, COUNSELING & BEHAVIOR THERAPIES.
Accordingly, it includes

  1.  Trainings for Corporate, Entrepreneur, School Students, College Students, Teacher,
    Parents Couples.
  2. Workplace Counseling, Career Counseling, Child Counseling & Relationship Counseling.
  3. Behavior Therapies to imbibe positive habits and get rid of fears, phobias traumas etc.