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HAPPY MARRIAGE : 2. Don’t Be Judgmental


For Happy Marriage, we have seen in my earlier blog “Increase Happiness in Your Relationships”,  that there is only one rule: UNDERSTAND THE OTHER AND ACCEPT THE WAY HE/SHE IS In this article I shall discuss my 2nd recommendation for Happy Marriage.  RECOMMENDATION 2: DON’T BE JUDGMENTAL As a Marriage Counselor, I have experienced another very common reason of unhappiness among couples and that is We Become Judgmental. We can understand from our experience. Suppose we have gone to watch a movie and liked it very much. After we come back and meet a friend and tell him about the movie. Invariably, [...]

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Add Wings To Your Performance


“Add Wings to Your Performance”  is a training with an objective to fill the gap between "Attending the Training" and "Implementing the Learning from it". Once you attend this training, your performance is bound to increase many fold. We know that there are only two steps to SUCCESS: To decide what to do. To implement the decisions. (My last blog was on step 1 i.e. “Taking the Right Decision”. If you have not gone through it yet, the link is given below. You may go through it. Taking The Right Decision Once you start implementing what you learn or decide, there [...]

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Taking The Right Decision


Taking the Right Decision is the first step towards Success & Happiness. Two Basic Needs SUCCESS & HAPPINESS are our two basic needs. One is incomplete without the other. “SUCCESS” & “HAPPINESS” are like two wings of the bird called LIFE. If both the wings of the bird are healthy, it knows no boundaries and flies to the infinite dimensions of the open sky. I hope you have seen my earlier blog, wherein we have discussed how our Consciousness moves in and out for SUCCESS & HAPPINESS. If you have not gone through as yet, I would recommend you to click [...]

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Happy Married Life is considered as a joke. You might have heard people asking "Are you MARRIED OR HAPPY?" But I say, that it is very much possible to be MARRIED & HAPPY. Happy Married Life is a possibility. The Sweetheart in life The dusk of teenage gives us a beautiful parting gift of a darling Sweetheart, which enriches our life with thrill, excitement, joy, love and romance. The life gets a new meaning. Love becomes an amazingly thrilling experience. Wherever we might be, our heart is always with the Sweetheart and the Sweetheart remains in the heart. mind & soul.  A [...]