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  • CHILD ISSUES: Not able to score Good Marks, Examination Phobia, Addictions, Behavior, Lack of Confidence, Memory Improvement, Time Management, Postponement

  • MARRIAGE & RELATIONSHIP ISSUES: Interpersonal Issues, Adjustment Issues, Extra Marital Affair, Beating, Divorce, Love & Break-up

  • SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION—Erectile Dysfunction, Frigidity, Low Sex Drive/ Desire, Sex with same gender

  • PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Guilt

  • PERFORMANCE ANXIETY– Studies, Stage Activity, Sports & Office; Confidence Building, Public Speaking,

  • HABIT CORRECTION – Postponement, Addiction, Bed wetting, Stealing & Lying, Stammering, Thumb Sucking, Nail Biting,

  • DEATH & BREAKUP ISSUES – Feeling Shattered due to death of loved one or due to Breakup/ Divorce

  • FEAR:Fear of Failure, Death, Unknown, Success, Being Judged, Rejection

  • PHOBIA: Examination Phobia, Phobia of Water, Height, Closed Space, Cockroach, Lizard

  • TRAUMA: Rape Victim, Accident, Beating in Childhood, Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse

  • ADDICTION – Mobile, TV, Video Games, Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs

  • HEALTH ISSUES – Weight Management, Diabetes, Eating Disorder, Health Management, Pain Management, Insomnia, Chronic Disease, Psychosomatic Illness

  • Foreign Energy Possession

  • Any Other Psychosomatic Issue

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Every career is the right career provided it is in line with your Personality, Interests, Values, Learning Style and Skills & Abilities. We provide career assessment & counseling to students and working professionals.

Click now for Career Assessment Test and Career Counseling.

Child- Parent relationship are getting strained in many families, unfortunately. At times, it becomes extremely difficult to establish a simple communication with the child. Child behavior becomes abusive, non-understanding and irritating. He does not respect the parents, listen to them and would purposely do things to annoy the parents.

It is the time to consult for child-parent counseling.

Teenage is an age of transition & confusion. It is an age when we are neither a child nor an adult. Our body is getting prepared for reproduction thereby undergoing lot of physical, emotional & psychological changes; attraction towards opposite gender is very natural. On the other hand, it is the age to focus and concentrate in academics, build the career so that we can become financially stable & successful in our life.

It is important to understand their issues & concerns; they need proper support, guidance and hand holding. Our counselors will be happy to help you. Call today for appointment.

There is only one rule for happy marriage i.e. UNDERSTAND THE OTHER & ACCEPT THE WAY HE IS. People have different Personalities and experiences and hence behave differently.

Our marriage counselors will help you to understand yourself, understand your partner, understand the reasons of difference and learn the skills to cope up with your partner having different personality.

For those who are looking for a life partner, we help you in identifying the right partner through Behavior & Personality Compatibility Assessment and to train you to cope up with people having different personality.

Individuals & Couples; call today to book your counseling session.

Performing well in academics is important for a stable career in future. Are you facing the issues like examination phobia, not able to concentrate on studies, not able go score good marks, lack of confidence, confusion in career choice, not able to remember, not able to cope up with studies or any other issue related to academics?

Call now for appointment with our counselors and get ready to excel in your academics.

We provide counseling for Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Phobia, Trauma, Anger, Guilt and any other psychological problem.

Spiritual counseling is a step ahead of conventional psychological counseling. Why?

Psychological counseling believes that society is responsible for your behavior & miseries and hence till others will not change, I can not be happy. Whereas Spirituality believes that the Other will never change but we can be happy irrespective of the external persons and circumstances.

Call now to book Spirituality Session and get ready to be Happy, Here & Now, irrespective of your circumstances.

Happiness & Job satisfaction of an employee is the key to his performance. A well performing employee is an asset to the organization. We provide Employee Assistance Program, workplace counseling & behavior therapy to your employees related to their personal or professional issues and help them improve their performance; thereby enhancing the growth of the organization.

Call today for workplace counseling.

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Hypnotherapy is a technique to re-program your subconscious mind. Since emotions are in our subconscious mind, Hypnotherapy is very effective to get rid of stress, anxiety, depression, fear, phobia, trauma, changing old habits & developing new habits.

Meditation prepares you to have an UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE of your life whether good or bad; positive or negative; love or hate; honor or insult; birth or death; comfort or discomfort;  but you will always be full of GRATITUDE. As a result, WHATEVER MAY HAPPEN IN LIFE; YOUR HAPPINESS WILL ALWAYS BE THERE.

Meditative Therapy is very effective to have positive outlook & behavior, motivation, health, cordial relationship, success & happiness.

Hypno-Meditation is a combination of Hypnotherapy & Meditation. It is the master key to cure any reason of unhappiness like stress, anxiety, depression or any other

As a result you will live a life full of Happiness.

Aura is like a protection shield around our body which protects us from negative energies or foreign energies. In the event of fear, trauma or any other negative emotion; our aura becomes weak or cracks are developed and we become prone to get possessed by negative or foreign energies

Get your aura strengthened and cleansed so that you remain protected from any foreign energy possession and remove any blocks in the path of your energy.

Chakras are the centers in our body where the energy flows. Any imbalance in the chakras creates physical & emotional illness.

Get your chakras healed to have a free energy flow thereby experiencing good health, motivation & happiness

Past Life Regression is the technique to visit our past lives. Very effective to cure any problem related to earlier lives like phobias, pains etc.

Another application is when we see our previous lives where we left every materialistic thing at the time of death, then the attachment to the materialistic things in this life also reduces.

It helps to cure depression, anxiety, relationship issues, fears, phobia, pain etc.

Life Between Lives is the technique to visit the Spirit World where the souls stay after death and before the next birth (between the two lives). Package of this life is decided before taking birth. It helps you to know the package, mission of this life.

Effective for problems like depression, indecisiveness, anxiety, stress, relationship.

At times, we feel so confused that we are not able to take any decision and feel the need of some guidance. This leads of anxiety and depression.

Through Divine Guidance we help you to get connected with your Spirit Guide, Masters &  Higher Energies and seek their blessings & guidance.

Very effective to take the right decision and come out of confusion, anxiety and depression.

The energy that is within our body in the form of SOUL; is also existing all around us in the entire universe as COSMIC ENERGY. Our body is so designed that it gets connected to the cosmic energy and gets healed automatically. During deep sleep, this process happens automatically. Hence we feel refreshed and charged up after a deep sleep.

When we are in stress, anxiety, fear, depression or any other negative thought or emotion, we are not able to connect to the cosmic energy and therefore, our auto-healing mechanism gets affected and we fall sick.

The cosmic energy is surrounding all around us, therefore, tt knows no boundaries hence very effective as DISTANT HEALING.

Very effective for any physical, emotional or psychosomatic issues.

Psychic Healing is the technique to connect with the cosmic intelligence & the subconscious mind of the other person, irrespective of the distance.

Very effective for distant healing, cordial relationship and many other issues.

Mudra Therapy helps to balance the five elements (Fire, Space, Earth, Air, Water) through our five fingers, as each finger controls one element.

Very effective for prevention & cure of physical & emotional problems.

Spirit Release Therapy is to help those who got possessed by foreign energies.

Sigmund Freud has rightly said that “DREAMS ARE THE ROYAL ROAD TO THE UNCONSCIOUS” or the Subconscious mind.

Dream Analysis helps to understand the hidden emotions or feelings that are deep in our subconscious mind and effecting our behavior.

Very effective for behavior improvement, fear, phobia, relations, success & happiness

Knowing your own personality is very important for Career, Success, Relationship, likes, dislikes etc.

We conduct Psychometric Test to assess your personality.

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(Over 25 Years of Experience)

Dr. Pankaj Gupta

  • Regular speaker on TV.

  • Motivational speaker on various forums like FM FireMud, Rotary, NGOs.

  • Blogger: Writing blogs on Happy Marriage, Success, Health, Happiness, Spirituality, Parenting, Career and many more.

  • Keynote speaker on “New Approach to Education System” in Texila American University.

  • Regularly Writing on Success & Happiness in various Hindi & English magazines.

  • Conceptualized & Designed CONQUER THE SUCCESS program to become Successful together with Healthy Body, Sharp Intellect, Positive Emotions, Cordial Relations & life full of happiness, joy & celebration. Similar program is designed for TEENAGERS i.e TURNKEY TO SUCCESS.

  • Conceptualized & Designed a special program for academic excellence SCORE MORE FOR SURE.