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With my experience of Spirituality, Psychology, Hypnotherapy & Counseling; I personally feel that Spiritual Counseling is a Step Ahead of Psychological Counseling. Spiritual Counseling is comparatively more effective and powerful, hence I thought of sharing my ideas with the intention that more and more people should become Successful, Healthy and Happy and have Cordial Relations in their life.

These are purely my views and have no intention to hurt anyone sentiments.

This blog covers the following three dimensions:

  1. Why & when do we need counseling?
  2. The Psychological Perspective.
  3. Spiritual Perspective.

Why & When do we need Counseling?

As we enter into our youth, our basic requirement is to become Successful and all our energies are focused towards becoming successful. We have to become financially independent. As we climb on the ladder of experience, we should grow from having Financial Security to Financial Freedom to Financial Abundance in life.

Two Steps to Success

Success is not a milestone but a continuous journey on the right path. There are only two steps to Success:

  1. Take the right decisions by making the right choices at the right time in life.
  2. Implement decision to continue moving on the path of Success, in the right direction.

For moving continuously on the right path of Success, you need to be sufficiently motivated, happy and energized.

Bottlenecks in the path of Success

Anything that reduces your motivation, happiness or energy level is a bottleneck in the path of Success. Because, even after making the right choices, it will not let you move on the path of Success freely.

Bottlenecks could be your fears, depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, defensive behavior, traumatic experience in life, spoiled relations with family or friends or at workplace, physical illness and many more.

If you are facing any of these bottlenecks in life, it is the right time for you to go for Counseling.

The Psychological Perspective

Sigmund Freud had made a great contribution in the field of Psychology. He is the founder of Psychoanalysis, a Clinical Method for treating psychopathology through dialogue between a patient and a Psychoanalyst.

Important Principal of Psychology

In Psychology, there is an important relationship between “Behavior”, “Personality” & “Environment”.

Our Behavior is dependent of our Personality & Environment.

“Environment” is external to us and is beyond our control.

“Theory of Personality” by Sigmund Freud

Freud gave the concept of Id, Ego & Superego.

In common language we can understand:

  • Id as our basic Natural Instincts of seeking pleasure in life.
  • Superego is our Morality or the moral values that we learn from our parents, elders, teachers and society so that we can adjust well with the society.
  • Ego is the way to mediate or strike a balance between our Instincts/ pleasure seeking activities vis a vis the Moral Values we have learnt from the society.

Accordingly our Personality is developed.

Let us understand from an example:

Suppose you are a student and sitting with your friends in the college campus. You see your teacher rushing towards her class room, and while walking, she slips and falls down in front of you. What would you do?

  • Natural Instinct might be to laugh.
  • Moral Values will tell you that laughing is not good and will try to stop you from laughing.
  • Ego will strike a balance between the two.

Some of you might burst into laughter while others might control the laughter & suppress their feelings.

Let us evaluate both the possibilities.

  1. Those who laugh: They are giving more importance to their instincts as compared to their morality and hence they started laughing. They will not be considered as good students because their behavior is not normal or as per social norms. These students might enter into Guilt. Over a period of time, non acceptance by society together with the feeling of guilt will become the bottleneck in their path of Success.
  2. Those who don’t laugh: They are giving more importance to Morality as compared to their natural instincts and therefore, are suppressing their feeling. Their behavior will be highly acceptable by the society and would be considered as good students.. However, this suppression of laughter coupled with other suppressed feelings over a period of time might result into unhappiness, lack of confidence that will act as bottleneck in their path of Success.

In either case, you are bound to be Unhappy and that unhappiness would become a bottleneck in the path of Success.

Conclusion of Psychological Perspective

The other is responsible for my behavior; for my unhappiness. That may be in the form of environment (which is not in my control) or through my personality which is a built by my elders during my nurture.

Till other will not change, I cannot change and hence I cannot be happy.

Spiritual Perspective

To understand the Spiritual Perspective, let us see the Four Noble Truths given by Gautam Buddha.

Four Noble Truths by Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha has given four Noble Truths. Noble truths means that they are eternal, universal for everyone without exception.

The four noble truths are as follows:

1.      The Truth of Suffering

Everyone’s life has sufferings. The reason of suffering may be different for different people. We have seen above, in Psychological Perspective as to how either of our behavior would lead to sufferings.

2.      The Truth of Cause of Suffering

Every suffering has a cause or a reason behind it. There is no suffering without a reason.

3.      The Truth of End of Suffering

The reason or cause of sufferings can be eliminated and the unconditional happiness can flow in life.

4.      The Truth of the path that leads to the end of Suffering

Gautam Buddha has given the Eight fold path that leads to end of suffering and brings happiness & enlightenment.

Conclusion of Spiritual Perspective

As per Spirituality, the others will not change. People, environment, circumstances etc. will always remain same; still we can become Happy here and now.

Why Spiritual Counseling is a step ahead of Psychological Counseling?

Since Psychology believes that other’s are responsible for my unhappiness and till others will not change, I cannot change therefore, through Psychological Counseling you can help you attain the state of normal happiness.

Some normal, acceptable level of unhappiness will always remain.

Where, Spirituality believes that other’s will not change and I can be happy here and now. Therefore, Spiritual counseling deals with the techniques as to how we can become happy irrespective of external factors.

An example to understand

We all are aware about Jesus who was full of blessings even for those who were crucifying him. He was saying, “O God! Please forgive them as they do not know what they are doing”.

In the spiritual history, he is not the only example. We can find many similar examples from Sufis, Gurus of  Sikh religion, Gautam Buddha and many others.

However, we have no example outside Spirituality, who was full of so much of unconditional happiness that he could even forgive his enemies.

“CONQUER THE SUCCESS” training is the right solution

Based on the learning from my life, I have designed a training Conquer The Success to help individuals to become Successful, Healthy, Happy & have Cordial Relations.

Conquer The Success Training has 6 modules. Each module is of 1 day.

  • Module 1: Understanding Success & Happiness and move in the right direction.
  • Module 2: How to take important decisions & make choices that lead us to Success. If we are not able to take the decisions, we are likely to enter into anxiety.
  • Module 3: How to implement the decision. Because, planning followed by implementation leads to Success, else Depression.
  • Module 4: How to keep your self Healthy.
  • Module 5: How to keep cordial relations with family, friends & at workplace.
  • Module 6: How to be happy, joyful & celebration in life through meditation. How to get rid of the negative emotions.

Please visit  Conquer The Success Training for more details about the training.

We also provide TRAININGCOUNSELING and BEHAVIOR THERAPIES. You may visit the respective web pages for more details.

Discussion Forum

Should you have any queries, please join our Discussion Forum and post your queries there. We shall take them up.

We invite you to attend Conquer The Success Training. I can assure you that these 6 days will transform your life and take it to new heights of Success & Happiness.

Wish you a life full of Success & Happiness.

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