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To Choose the Right Career is first & the foremost step towards Success & Happiness in life.

In this article we will understand reasons and various dimensions which help us to choose the right career.

What is the meaning of Career?

Definition from Cambridge Dictionary

The job or series of jobs that you do during your working life especially if you continue to get better jobs and earn more money

In Nut Shell

Career means to become FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT at the right age.

Three Stages in Career Growth

With the passage of time, our career should give the following:

  1. Financial Security: Every month we earn sufficient money to take care of our needs. Example Salary.
  2. Financial Freedom: We are not dependent on monthly earning to take care of our monthly expenses. We have alternate means of income which come automatically. Example interest income.
  3. Financial Abundance: We have much more than required. We don’t have to bother at all for our monthly expenses. We have so much that even after our death, lot of money would be left over for our dependents. Example Savings & Assets.

For achieving these stages in life, the first and foremost is to choose the Right Career.

Important Stages in life when we have to make the choice

To be able to become financially independent at around 25 years of age, we need to make the choices much earlier in our life.

Typically we need to make the choices at the following stages in our life:

  1. Class VIII to X – Where we have to be clear about which stream to choose after class X.
  2. Class XI – XII/Engineering Stream – Which graduation course to choose or which Engineering Stream to choose and what college to choose after XII.
  3. During Graduation– What post graduation or job I need to choose after completing the graduation.
  4. Young Professionals/ Entrepreneurs – What is the right profession for me which gives me financial security together with happiness & job satisfaction.
  5. Experienced Professionals/ Entrepreneurs – During mobility from one department to another or from one job to another or geographical mobility.

If we are able to make the right choice at these stages, we can expect to achieve FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE at some point of time in our life. We can become Successful & Happy.

So it is important is to learn “How to make the Right Choice at these stages”.


Before we learn to make the right choice, let us understand what the Right Career is.

What is the Right Career

Any career is the Right Career if it has the potential to take us from Financial Security to Financial Freedom to Financial Abundance.

However, every career may not be suitable for me.

The Right Career for me is the one which is SUITABLE for me.

Suitability depends on the following factors

    1. Extrovert / Introvert
    2. Sensing/ Intuition
    3. Thinking/ Feeling
    4. Judging / Perceiving.
  2. OUR INTEREST – What career will give you enjoyment, happiness & satisfaction. It is known as RIASEC. Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional
  3. OUR LEARNING STYLE – It is known as VARK. Visual, Auditory, Read & Write and Kinesthetic learning.
  4. OUR CAREER VALUES – Values are the things that are most important to us in our life and career. Our values are formed through our experiences, feelings and families.
  5. Our Skills & Abilities

Therefore, a RIGHT CAREER is the one which is in line with my Personality, Interests, Learning Style, Career Values and Skills & Abilities.

How to Assess Yourself

There are Psychometric tests available that help you to assess your Personality, Interests, Learning Style, Career Values and Skills & Abilities.

Our Career Counselors can help you

Our Career Counselors can help you in following:

  1. Psychometric test to evaluate your Personality, Interests, Learning Style, Career Values and Skills & Abilities.
  2. Explain your assessment result to you.
  3. Help you to select the right career for you.

For Career Assessment, Guidance & Counseling, you may click the following link and start your Psychometric Test.

Career Assessment & Counseling

We provide career assessment, guidance & counseling at all levels i.e. starting from Class VIII Students to Experience Professionals.

Online facilities are also available.

If you have any queries, feel free to join our Discussion Forum and write to us.

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  1. Varsha January 11, 2019 at 4:00 pm - Reply

    I want to study but i cant i want to job but i cant so please help me what i do

    • Dr Pankaj Gupta January 18, 2019 at 6:34 am - Reply

      You should go for career assessment & counseling.

      We can do it telephonic also.

  2. Atishay jain February 28, 2019 at 7:28 am - Reply

    I’m btech IT passed.but I can’t join ji job.can u help me to provide a god job in delhi noida guru gram.ihope u think about me.thanks again.greeting.
    Atishay jain

    • conquerthesuccess March 1, 2019 at 1:19 pm - Reply

      For getting a job, you should look for Placement Companies.
      If you have any confusion regarding what Career should you choose, you may contact us.


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