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Taking the Right Decision is the first step towards Success & Happiness.

Two Basic Needs

SUCCESS & HAPPINESS are our two basic needs. One is incomplete without the other. “SUCCESS” & “HAPPINESS” are like two wings of the bird called LIFE. If both the wings of the bird are healthy, it knows no boundaries and flies to the infinite dimensions of the open sky.

I hope you have seen my earlier blog, wherein we have discussed how our Consciousness moves in and out for SUCCESS & HAPPINESS.

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What is required to become Successful & Happy?

To become SUCCESSFUL & HAPPY, we need to take certain decisions. When we grow in hierarchy or responsibility at workplace, we have to take more decisions. Personal Growth means to take more decisions.

Similarly, at the family level, head of the family has to take more decisions for the family.

What is the meaning of “Taking Decisions”?

“Taking Decision” means to CHOOSE one options among all the available options.

For example, if we have to choose our career, we can choose only one option from all the available career options.

The same is true when we have to choose our higher studies, job or even the life partner.

Every day we need to take so many decisions, i.e. we need to choose one out of many options to achieve the targets, deadlines, selecting the right subordinate, selecting the right business etc.

And the list is endless.

What is the Best Decision?

Best decision is the one which passes the two tests:

1. The decision should give maximum returns, yield, profit, success, satisfaction or happiness.

2. The decisions should require minimum investment of resources like time, money, effort and energy.

Fear of Taking Decision?

Many times we feel difficulty in taking decisions. There are many reasons to that, which can be grouped in the following three categories:

1. We can choose only one option at a time. As a result, all other options automatically get closed.

2. We want to take the best decision i.e. to choose the best option.

3. There is no rewind or undo button in life. Even if we have to change our decision later, we can, but the time lost can never be recovered.

When we take any decision, there is always a fear – IS MY DECISION REALLY THE BEST? AM I MAKING THE BEST CHOICE?

Fear leads to Anxiety

We have to take the decision in “Present” but its correctness can only be validated in “Future”. Before we get to know if the decision was really the best, we would have invested our time, energy, efforts and money which cannot be recovered, in case the decision turns out to be incorrect in future.

This leads to Anxiety.

Anxiety Leads to Indecisiveness

Because of this Anxiety, we tend to postpone the decision or become indecisive. Procrastination becomes our habit, to be able to know the future become our tendency.

As a result, we become indecisive and postpone the decision.

Delay or Indecisiveness further adds to Anxiety

“Indecisiveness” is a word only in the dictionary. Practically, it has no meaning.

Indecisiveness simply means “Deciding, Not to Decide Now.”

Now this delay in taking the decision casts its own negative image on our life.

Postponement might help us to save money, but “Time” is passing by at its own pace. We might lose the opportunity as no opportunity waits for an infinite time. There are deadlines to be met.

This delay or indecisiveness becomes additional reason of our Anxiety. In many cases it is seen that people start to lose their self confidence too.

Can we take the best decision?


Practically, it is NOT POSSIBLE, as there is no technique to know in PRESENT, if the decision being taken will come out to be the best or not.

What is the solution?

So, there can be three possibilities:

1. Postponing the decision.
2. Not taking the decision at all.
3. Choose one out of many available options now.

Accordingly, there will be the EFFECT on the future.

So the solution is to evaluate the PROBABLE EFFECT of all the available options against our EXPECTATION.

There are various scientific & statistically proven methods of evaluation.

These methods will only help you to REDUCE THE RISK of the decision being wrong. However, no method will GUARANTEE.

Last but the most important

Acceptance of the result

In-spite of taking the best possible decisions, there will still be certain uncontrolled factors or risks beyond your control, which may adversely affect the result.

For example, a farmer may do his best for his crops, but if there is no rain or flood or any other uncontrolled factor, still he will not get the desired yield. During the process, he would have invested the money, time, effort & energy.

Taking the Right Decision Training

We have designed a training “Taking The Right Decision” to help you learn various important tools & techniques to evaluate the effect of options on the result.

This training also empowers you to graciously accept the result, good or bad. If the result is not as per your expectation, what more can be done.

It is very practical & effective Training that will not only help you to TAKE THE DECISION ON TIME but also to cope up with your ANXIETIES while taking the decision.

Take Away from the “Taking The Right Decision” Training


Once you decide what to do and empowered to do without being much fearful about the future, you have taken the FIRST STEP TO SUCCESS. Success & Happiness will be yours.

Who can attend this training?

“Taking The Right Decision” training has three variation for:

1. Corporate Working Professionals.
2. For College Students
3. For School Students

Other Training Programs

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