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The Worldwide Statistics

It is estimated that 415 million people are suffering from Diabetes worldwide, which is approximately 9% of the world’s adult population. That means 1 out of every 11 persons in the world is suffering from diabetes. This figure is expected to grow to 642 million by 2040.

No. of Diabetes Patients in India

India stands at second position in number of people suffering from diabetes. It is estimated that around 69 million people in India are suffering from diabetes; which is nearly 16.5% of the world diabetic population.

What is Diabetes?

When the sugar level in the blood increases than the normal level, it is said that the person is suffering from diabetes. Diabetes can be broadly categorized into:

     1. Type I

Where the insulin producing cells in the pancreas are destroyed and body is unable to produce insulin.

      2. Type II

It is Insulin Resistance, where the body produces insulin but is not able to use it effectively.

It is estimated that around 95% of the diabetic persons are suffering from Type II diabetes.

In this article we would understand the role of HPNO-MEDITATIVE THERAPY IN PREVENTION & CURE OF DIABETES TYPE II.


There are two ways through which the sugar level increases in the blood: 

     1. When we eat carbohydrates:

When we eat any food or carbohydrates, blood sugar increases in the body. This increase in the blood sugar level triggers the pancreas to release a hormone called Insulin. Accordingly, pancreas releases the insulin in the blood. Insulin helps the blood sugar to be absorbed in each and every cell of the body and that’s how every cell gets the energy. Cells use this energy for their normal working. That is why when we eat some sweets, we feel refreshed and energetic. The excess sugar from our blood is stored by our body and one of the stores is our liver.

Every cell has got many receptors which can be easily understood as “Storehouse” to absorb the sugar from the blood; and the Insulin is like the “Key” to open the door of the storehouse “the Receptors”. Therefore, due to the insulin, the blood sugar is absorbed in the cells and the blood sugar level of the blood comes back to normal.

When people develop INSULIN RESISTANCE means some of the receptors of the cells do not open to receive the sugar and hence do not get sufficient energy and become weak. The insulin available in the blood, tries to open the door but the door does not open. Therefore the blood sugar remains in the blood. Insulin cannot do its work. That is Insulin Resistance; Type II diabetes.

In most of the type II cases, as the blood sugar level increases, the body weight also increases.

     2. In emergency situation or Chronic Stress

When we are in danger or face any emergency situation, our natural behavior is to fight or flight. We either face the danger or run away from it. In both the cases we need extra energy. In both these situations our Adrenal Gland produces the stress hormone called Cortisol. When our body senses the increased level of Cortisol, it understands that we are in a danger situation and we need extra energy and the stored sugar from the liver is released by the body in the blood which gives extra energy to cope up with the danger or emergency situation.

Now when we are in Chronic Stress due to any reason, the Adrenal Gland again produces the same stress hormone called Cortisol. Accordingly, the body releases the sugar and the blood sugar level increases. Since we are neither fighting nor running away, this extra energy is not consumed and hence the blood sugar level increases.

When the blood sugar level increases, then Pancreas again releases Insulin as it cannot distinguish the increase in blood sugar level is due to eating carbohydrates (sweets) or due to stress.

On the other hand when the Cortisol increases, it leads to Insulin suppression. Therefore, the available Insulin is not able to store all this sugar into the cells. This results in increase in the levels of blood sugar, insulin and cortisol.

Both Cortosol & Insulin are the hormones that also store the fat in the cells and hence prohibit the existing fat cells to release the fat. So in case of chronic stress, it is very difficult to reduce the weight.

     This overweight & chronic stress leads to many other stresses. Some of them are as follows:

1. Chronic Pains

Chronic pain in knees, back or at other places. This becomes another reason of Chronic Stress.

2. Sleeplessness

Due to chronic stress people tend to have disturbed and less hours of sleep. This becomes another reason of Chronic Stress.

3. Emotional Stress:

People are also under tremendous emotional stress due to which they frequently get angry, feel low, guilty or in anxiety and depression.

4. Overeating or eating junk food:

The people under chronic stress have a tendency of overeating. They eat junk food, high carbohydrates diet etc.


     Two faculties of our mind

       1. Conscious Mind  or Logical Mind

Our mind has two faculties. One is logical or Conscious Mind and other is Subconscious mind. Our logical mind is very small (approx. 5%) and the subconscious mind the around 95% of the size. All our thoughts are in the logical mind which helps us to evaluate, analyze and take decisions which are good for us.

      2. Sub-Conscious Mind

All our emotions & feelings are in subconscious mind. Our habits are also in the subconscious mind. It is like a storehouse of all our memories, past experiences, values, emotions, feelings, fears, phobias, traumatic memories and habits.

As we know that the stress is due to negative emotions, fears, desires, expectations, etc. which are in our subconscious mind. Habits are also in the subconscious mind.

Therefore, if we need to change our habits or get rid of negative emotions, it is best to work on our subconscious mind.


It is a branch of psychology which deals with the subconscious mind and is very effective when it comes to get rid of any negative emotions, drop bad habits and imbibe good habits.


Meditation is an art to get connected with our inner self or soul.

A person who is connected with his soul, will never be under stress.

To understand let us analyse ourselves that we feel happy when we get power or money or position or respect or success. But we were most happy when we were a small child and had nothing. In-fact, we were dependent on other for every small thing. We were totally dependent but the most happy because, as a child, we were connected to our inner self and used to experience a special happiness which is without a reason.

A person who is happy without a reason can never get stressed due to any tough situation or circumstances in life.


Hypno-Meditation is a synergy between hypnotherapy and meditation.

How Hypno-Meditation can help to cure Diabetes?

By now, we have understood that to cure diabetes, following are needed:

1. To diagnose the reason of overeating.

It might be related to any emotional or psychological stress. For example, when someone is feeling lack of love, he tends to eat more.

Through hypnosis, we can regress to the cause of overeating.

2. Guilt Release and forgiveness to others.

Can be done through Hypnosis.

3. Develop positive habits of following a healthy diet plan, regular exercise.

Can be done through hypnosis.

4. Weight Management.

Can be done through hypnosis.

5. Pain management.

Can be done through hypnosis.

6. Relaxation before going to sleep.

Can be done through hypnotic sleep.

7. Acceptance of the challenges in life.

The life will always be full of challenges but we can always learn techniques to cope up with them in a better way and learn to accept the result, which is not in our control.

Can be learnt through Meditation.

Therefore, Hypon-Meditative therapy is very effective for prevention & cure of diabetes. One should consult an expert to assess whether any other therapy or pathy is also required in parallel or not. That depends on the severity of the diabetes and many other factors.

Should you have any queries or suggestion, do let me know in the comment box.

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