We feel happy when we have money or power or position or become successful or are respected in the society. Normally there is a reason behind our happiness.

When were you most happy?

If someone asks us, “When were you most happy”? Many of us would say, “When we are a child”. It is surprising that in our childhood we neither had money nor power nor anything that makes us feel happy today; still that was our most happy period. In fact, for each and every small thing, we were dependent on our parents, teachers or elders.

Happiness without a reason– Bliss

That means the HAPPINESS was coming somewhere from our deep inside core. As a child, we all have experienced that SPECIAL HAPPINESS which was without a reason.


Henceforth, in this article, HAPPINESS and BLISSS will have the same meaning i.e. “HAPPINESS WITHOUT REASON”.


As we grow old, we need to become SUCCESSFUL. We need to become financially, physically & emotionally independent. We need to prepare ourselves to earn our livelihood at the right age. For that, we start going to schools, college and then start earning our livelihood.

That means SUCCESS is in the outer world and the HAPPINESS is within us.

Journey of consciousness for Success & Happiness

Therefore, our CONSCIOUSNESS needs to travel in the outside world when we have to work towards SUCCESS; and the same consciousness needs to travel back within our own core when we have to experience HAPPINESS.

Is it possible to make a choice between SUCCESS and HAPPINESS?

Imagine a life which is full of SUCCESS but there is no HAPPINIESS or vice versa. Either of the two would be incomplete.

Hence, SUCCESS and HAPPINESS are two very basic needs and it is not possible to choose one at the cost of another.

To have a life of both SUCCESS and HAPPINESS, our consciousness should be able to travel outside and inside with the same ease and comfort. It should be as comfortable as we go for work in the morning and with the same ease we return back to our house in the evening.


We are normally unaware about our body. For example, we know about our head only when there is a headache. Similarly, we know about our stomach only when we are either too hungry or too full.

Therefore, as a rule:

Wherever there is any pain, problem, stress, irritation or frustration; our consciousness starts to flow there and we come to know about it.

To become successful, our consciousness travels in the outside world very easily. With lot of efforts and hard work, we become successful. But as we have seen above, there is no happiness outside and to experience it, our consciousness has to travel inside.

Unfortunately, the backward/ inward journey of our consciousness is not that easy and comfortable.

It encounters many bottlenecks because of pain, problem etc. and unfortunately, it gets stuck there and we lack happiness.

We become SUCCESSFUL at the cost of HAPPINESS.

First bottleneck- Our Relations in the External World

The first bottleneck in the inward journey of our consciousness are the people around us; our family, friends, neighbors, colleagues etc.

If our relations are cordial with them, our consciousness can freely flow inwards.

If our relations are NOT cordial, then our consciousness gets stuck there.

We can evaluate ourselves as to how much time are we upset and keep thinking about our strained relations, whether they are husband-wife or child-parent or with our neighbors or colleagues.

Second bottleneck- Our Body

The second bottleneck in the inward journey of our consciousness is our body.

If our body is unhealthy, it acts as a bottleneck.

Let us do a self evaluation that when our body is unhealthy, we are neither able to have a peaceful sleep nor we feel like working.

In the race to become successful, many of us have ignored our body and as a result, even in the early age, we become sick.

Third bottleneck- Our Thoughts in our Conscious Mind

The third bottleneck in the inward journey of our consciousness are our thoughts.

The role of our conscious mind is to decide what is good for us by thinking, evaluating and logically analyzing the cause and effect of various things and possibilities. Till we are not able to decide, our consciousness stuck there.

Let us evaluate ourselves as to how much restless we feel when we are not able to take the right decision.

Many of us are suffering from stress, anxiety and depression because we are not able to decide what is right.

Stress, anxiety and depression are one of the biggest challenges in front of the present generation worldwide.

Fourth bottleneck- Our Emotions in Our Subconscious Mind

The fourth bottleneck in the backward journey of our consciousness are our emotions.

Our subconscious mind is a storehouse of all our memories, values, conditioning, habits, fears, phobias, traumas etc.

If we are in the negative emotions like fear etc. or have bad habits like addictions etc., our consciousness gets stuck there.

We know morning exercise is good for our health but we don’t do; we know that smoking is injurious to health still we smoke.

As we grow old, baggage of our bad memories also grow bigger. It acts as a bottleneck for our consciousness.

The destination of our consciousness

Finally, the destination of consciousness is the consciousness itself.

When our consciousness gets free from all the above bottlenecks only then it can reach to its own core and experience happiness, peace, bliss and relaxation.

Therefore, when the return-path of our consciousness also becomes hurdle free, only then we can experience a life full of SUCCESS and HAPPINESS.

The Reality- Unaffordable SUCCESS

With lot of efforts and hard work many of us become SUCCESSFUL in life.

But in the race to become successful our health, our relations, our loved ones and our happiness are left far behind.

We became successful but our relations with our family and friends got spoiled, our body is gripped with chronic diseases and we don’t remember when we were really happy and relaxed last time.

We got this SUCCESS at the cost of our relations, health and happiness.

This, in fact, is a big cost we have to pay for success.

Now the question arises, “Do we really want this SUCCESS”.


With our wisdom we can understand that we would neither want this SUCCESS for us nor would like our children to experience this SUCCESS.

We want to become successful, but not at this unaffordable cost.

If we can achieve SUCCESS without paying the cost in terms of our health, happiness & relations only then we have CONQUERED THE SUCCESS.

It is very much possible to achieve this type of success which is together with health, happiness and cordial relation.

By the blessing of my Masters, grace of God and my life experiences, I have designed CONQUER THE SUCCESS to help individuals become successful without compromising on health, happiness & relations.


It includes:


Career Counseling for Professionals & Students

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